Paraphernalia | Παραφερνάλια
miscellaneous articles, stuff, apparatus, odds and ends, bits and pieces
παρελκόμενα, σύνεργα, εξαρτήματα, συμπράγκαλα, προσωπικά αντικείμενα

Paraphernalia is an independent design and lifestyle store created in November 2014 in Athens, Greece.
With a carefully selected and everchanging collection it focuses on offering useful, even at times a tad indulgent goods from around the world.
Some are new, some are old or upcycled.
The mix ranges from Japanese stationery to old fashioned British household tools, established Scandinavian furniture and lighting alongside upcoming labels from local makers, plants, home and office ware and everything in between.
All combined create eclectic interiors under the glorious Mediterranean sun.