Punctual Shelving System

Modular shelving system made of powder coated metal designed by Ferm Living in Denmark. Build your own system.

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Punctual is a high quality modular shelving system made from powder coated metal that is designed to grow with you and your home. The basic structure is strong and robust with a clear reference to industrial shelving systems. As a nice contrast to the sturdiness all the shelves are gently perforated with small round holes – a detail adding a soft and airy look and a homely feel.
Punctual is well crafted and meant to be used. The idea was to create a modular system that could easily be expanded – in a vibrant and interesting design that was still so classical that it wouldn’t wear out.

Combine Punctual Ladders, Shelves, Racks, Crosses and Boxes to form your ideal shelving unit that meets your specific needs. The system is easy to assemble, suited to grow with you and your home and you can use it to everything from books, boxes, shoes and toys to kitchenware, works of art or beautiful plants.

-First choose your ladders color on which the shelving elements hang. Ladders are available for x2, x3, x4, x5 and x6 shelves.
-Next choose your shelves and/ or racks and boxes. Shelves come in 90 cm wide with 39.6 cm depth. Box-like trays adds a sense of practicality to the design – they come in 89.6 cm wide with 40 cm depth and 14 cm height.
-Once you have a basic shelving system add a cross for support and/or add further elements to expand it.

Available in cashmere, anthracite and light grey.

Please note that every system needs at least one cross and two ladders.