Crassula Marnierana

Crassula Marnierana (Jade Necklace plant).

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Crassula marnierana, common name Jade Necklace or Chinese Pagoda is a species of succulent flowering plant in the family Crassulaceae.
Native to the southern regions of Africa, Crassula marnierana is a slow-growing small plant reaching a height of 15–20 cm. Its thick rounded leaves are green with red edges. They are tightly stacked along the stem and store water, as they are covered with a cuticle to limit the evaporation. An inflorescence with small star-shaped pink-tinged flowers may appear on mature plants in winter if they are given proper conditions of temperature.
This plant prefers direct light and as a houseplant is very easy to maintain. Requires very little watering making it the ideal plant for the summer season. Watering once every 3 weeks during the spring and summer and making sure the soil has dried out completely before watering again. Overwatering, however, can cause root rot and a lot of damage. In winter reduce watering to about once every month to 6 weeks.

Please note that the photo is indicative, each plant has different shape and size. This plant comes in a white plastic hanging pot.
Dimensions: pot size Ø 13 cm / vine height 20 cm (approx)
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