Hoya Linearis

Hoya Linearis.

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Hoya linearis is part of the Apocynaceae family. It is a tender, pendent, epiphytic, succulent, evergreen perennial with slender, soft, green stems bearing linear, hairy, grooved leaves and lax clusters of fragrant, star-shaped, white flowers from late summer into autumn.
Originating from Eastern Asia and Australia this plant is perfect for creating that jungle vibe both as a hanger and trailer. It grows as an epiphyte in the Himalayan region in Northern India and in the nearby vicinity. It actually grows on trees in higher altitudes, and dangles down similar to how Spanish moss grows.
The long, slender foliage of this hoya creates a cascading effect along the length of the trailing stems, and if the plant receives enough light, it may also produce clusters of sweetly scented wax-like cream flowers.

Make sure that your Hoya Linearis receives a lot of indirect light. In Asia, it is customary to care for Hoya linearis by growing it in pure coco chips, however, you can also choose to keep it in a potting mix consisting of coco coir, perlite and orchid bark. Hoya’s like to grow in tight pots so don’t repot them too often. Throughout the summer you should keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. In the colder months water less often, just giving it a good drink when the soil gets reasonably dry. Mist the leaves with water, especially if they are growing near central heating and apply a balanced liquid fertiliser at monthly intervals while the plant is actively growing.
It easy to care for and if you’re looking for a project you could always try propagating it. All you need to do is trim its stems and place the cuttings into a pot of soil – after a few weeks or months, you’ll have a fully-fledged plant.

Please note that the photo is indicative, each plant has different shape and size. This plant comes in a plastic hanging pot.
Dimensions: pot size Ø 13 cm / vine length 40 cm (approx)
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