Maranta leuconeura – Erythroneura

Maranta leuconeura var. erythroneura (prayer or herringbone plant).

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Maranta leuconeura, also known as prayer plant, is a species of flowering plant in the family Marantaceae, native to the Brazilian tropical forests. It is a variable, rhizomatous perennial, growing to 30 cm tall and broad, with crowded clumps of evergreen, strikingly-marked oval leaves, each up to 12 cm long.

Varieties and cultivars of this species are distinguished from the species by leaf patterns and leaf coloration. Var. erythroneura features boldly patterned olive-green leaves, with each leaf sporting a herringbone design consisting of a showy red midrib with parallel red veins which arch from the midrib to the leaf margins, irregularly-defined yellowish-green markings along the pronounced red midrib, and reddish-purple leaf undersides.
Prominent red veins give rise to the common name of herringbone plant for this variety in reference to the herringbone pattern of the veined leaves. Leaves close upward at night in a manner resembling praying hands, hence the common name of prayer plant. White, two-lipped flowers with purple spots typically bloom on slender spikes in late spring to early summer, but infrequently appear on houseplants. Small flowers are somewhat attractive but ornamentally insignificant.

As a plant that is native to rainforests, Maranta prefers bright indirect sunlight, high humidity and well-drained soil that has a high humus content. Direct sunlight should be avoided, as well as standing water. At daytime the ideal temperature is 21–27°C and at night 16–21°C; the night temperature should not be lower than 15°C.  During the growing season, spring and summer, Maranta houseplants require moist soil and fertilization every month.

Please note that the photo is indicative, each plant has different shape and size.
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