Oxalis Triangularis

Oxalis Triangularis (purple/false shamrock).

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Oxalis triangularis is a species of edible perennial plant in the family Oxalidaceae. It is native to several countries in southern South America. This wood-sorrel is typically grown as a houseplant but can be grown outside preferably in light shade.

Purple Shamrock owns its name triangularis due to the triangle shaped leaves in a deep purple, with a lighter purplish-rose feature in their center. Although the robustly colored leaves are the stars of the show, the plant also produces small, trumpet-shaped flowers in spring in colors of pink or white. The blooms last for several weeks.  An interesting feature is that the leaves close like an umbrella at night  or when disturbed. The white or pale pink five-petalled flowers also close at night.
Another common name for Oxalis triangularis is False Shamrock because many times it’s commercially marketed as a true shamrock or clover, native to Ireland. This is due to Purple Shamrock’s three petals and similar looks to that of clover but actually, it is a member of the wood sorrel family and is a Brazilian native. Another major difference is true shamrocks perform as annuals and the Purple Shamrock is a perennial, although it usually goes through a period of dormancy about once per year.
Oxalis triangularis performs well when grown in standard potting mixes that drain well. For the best growth, place it in an indoor location that receives bright light. If indoor light conditions are too low, the plant’s growth won’t be as robust and it will have a tendency to become leggy. If you notice this becoming a problem with your Purple Shamrock, just move it to a brighter location. If you desire to give your plant a break from indoor growth, place it in a partially sunny outdoor location and not in full sun.

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