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Rhipsalis Paradoxa

Rhipsalis paradoxa (chain cactus).

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Rhipsalis is the largest and most diverse genus of epiphytic cactus plants. The majority of the plants grow as pendulous epiphytes, while a few are epilithic and terrestrial growers. Furthermore, the stems of the Rhipsalis plants are succulent in nature. However, the extent of succulence is variable among the species. As far as appearance is concerned, the stem shape of the plants can be terete, angular, or flat.

Rhipsalis paradoxa is a unique cactus discovered by Joseph Salm-Reifferscheidt-Dyck in 1845. This evergreen cascading succulent forms green and dandy branches about 1 inch wide and can grow meters long. The leaves are attached in an unusual way making links and joined at right angles.
In nature, this Brazilian endemic plant is threatened by habitat loss. The beautiful pendulous branches of the R. paradoxa are a perfect choice to form a hanging basket for your living-room and garden.
Rhipsalis paradoxa or Chain cactus, can grow as long as about 5 to 15 meters. Importantly, the length of the plant depends upon the growth conditions and space provided to the plant. The plant produces numerous tiny white blooms along the length of the branches. The flowers are about 0.5 inches in diameter, have yellowish black petals, unscented and non-showy in nature. Bloom season starts from late winter and continues until the early days of spring.

The Chain Cactus is adapted to partial shade to bright indirect sunlight exposure. Moreover, the plant can survive in shade as well. East and west-facing windows are ideal indoor locations to put your Rhipsalis.
Avoid keeping the plant from direct sun exposure for long hours as it will scorch the cactus leaves.
The soil should be dry before you water again. In summer, you need to water about once a week or according to the condition of the soil. While in winter once in two weeks is an estimated frequency. Make sure you water generously until the water comes out of the drainage holes. Once drenched, wait for the soil to get bone dry until the next watering.
Make sure you don’t over-water, as it will lead to root rot and other plant issues.

Please note that the photo is indicative, each plant has different shape and size. This plant comes in a plastic hanging pot.
Dimensions: pot size Ø 18 cm / vine length 60 cm (approx)
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