Inca Aromas – Therapeutic Line

High quality incense rods artisan-made and sustainably-sourced from raw plants in Brazil.

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Inca Aromas handmade incense blends are made with all natural ingredients, love and dedication. Their herbal aromas harness the magical powers of nature, invoking a harmonious and spiritual state.
They are made of tree resin, oils, gums, wood powder, and charcoal. Their base is the White Breu resin (part of traditional medicine acting as activator of memory), extracted from the Almacega tree of the Amazon Rainforest.
These rods are produced by hand with a formula that is being developed for over 20 years by the Riberinhas families who live by the edge of the Amazon River. Their main activity is to collect, separate and pack the White Breu resin that comes from the rainforest. This work chain protects the Amazon rainforest trees in a natural way as well as the the peoples culture, tradition whilst offering a sustainable way of life to these families.

The pack Therapeutic Line is a combination of 9 different aromas that represent the power of the plants, their essential oils offers us the potential of delicacy, softness and subtlety.
-Lemongrass (Apple green*) ideal for exhaustion and stress, it causes a feeling of positivity and helps to rest.
-Myrrh (turquoise*) Its smoky, sweet and balsamic aroma helps calm breathing, thoughts and meditation.
-Pitanga (Sevilla Red *) the aphrodisiac aroma of this exotic fruit awakens love, creativity, increases personal value, enthusiasm and physical energy.
-Priprioca (beige*) soft, woody, spicy, stimulating, invigorating and revitalizing aroma that reminds us of the importance of being present and the strength of the Amazon.
-Lavender (light blue*) ideal for pre-sleep and excellent moments for the rest of the children.
-Jasmine & Mandarin (natural*) smooth with anti-stress and aphrodisiac properties. Mandarin is citrus, It provides deep relaxation and delicate.
-Sandalwood (red terracotta *) soft, warm, milky, woody, best.
-7 Herbs (moss green*) elaborated with 7 Herbs carefully selected, produces an aroma of fine presence, smooth and quite
-Citronella (Violet*) Its aroma provides a revitalizing energy, a sensation of cleaning and sterilization. Ideal for closed environments by improving air circulation, mold and humidity.

*Stick colour

Our natural, toxic-free incenses burn for approximately 110/120 minutes per rod depending on the scent.
Base composition: black charcoal, mixed resin, myrrh, black styrax, myroxylon.
The packaging of all products is made of recycled paper and charcoal it is also 100% natural.

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