Papier d’Arménie Booklet

Natural environmentally friendly slow burning paper air freshener with a warm, woodsy fragrance. Scented with powdered myrrh, tree resin, incense and vanilla. Made in France since 1885.

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The Papier d’Armenie is one of France best kept secrets. Since its introduction in 1885 (to promote the sanitizing properties of benzoin resin), the Papier d’Armenie has been gaining in popularity as a natural air freshener. While a strip of Papier d’Armenie burns slowly, it produces a delicate scent that not only neutralizes unpleasant smells (cooking, tobacco, pets and bathrooms) but also refreshes the room.
Whilst on a trip to Armenia, Auguste Ponsot discovered the resin’s disinfecting qualities and subsequently decided to introduce them to France. Renowned since ancient times for its antiseptic, healing and expectorant properties, benzoin balm has been traditionally applied externally to treat asthma, coughs and hoarseness. Created more than 120 years ago, the famous Papier d’Arménie booklet contains detachable strips of brown perfumed paper. It is still produced in the same factory in Montrouge, where only traditional manufacturing methods are used.

How to use: The papier d’Arménie is used by setting light to a single strip, detached from the booklet one at a time, folded concertina-style, and placed on a heat-proof surface (blow gently so that the paper begins to glow – it should not burn quickly).
It can also be used without being lit. Simply place one in a cupboard or drawer and it will slowly release a soft, sweet fragrance.
The ritual of burning a strip becomes comforting and soothing as each strip reveals a fresh scent. Each booklet contains 36 strips.

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