Carta Aromatica d’Eritrea Gift Box

Natural environmentally friendly incense paper created in 1927 by an Italian pharmacist.

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Carta Aromatica d’Eritrea is a traditional paper incense made from a formula comprised of a mix of mosses, resins and over 30 natural essential oils mainly from Africa and Asia.
This booklet has remained unchanged since 1927. It consists of ready to be burned strips of pure cellulose soaked in the inimitable and exquisite aromatic essence, covered with retro graphics.
It is 100% natural and ecological, and thanks to its antiseptic qualities which improve the oxygenation of the air, it facilitates breathing in increasingly polluting environments.

This limited edition tin box comes with 72 strips.

Carta Aromatica d’Eritrea has been sold for almost 80 years in the same original format.
Fold one strip into an accordion, light the paper and then extinguish the flame. Set it on a ceramic dish. Let the smoke invade your space. Perfect to absorb bad smells from the kitchen or after smoking.

Gift box with 72 strips.

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 14 × 2 cm


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