States of Water for every state of your Mind

2014 – 2024. As Paraphernalia marks its 10-year anniversary, we extend our deepest gratitude to our customers, partners and community. Throughout 2024 we will be toasting with numerous events, collaborations and exciting new projects. As part of this, we’ve teamed up with Kinto Japan to create a special Paraphernalia retake of their classic water bottle.

We are big fans of this lightweight and compact bottle which retains Kinto’s hallmark features – clean lines, impeccable functionality and minimalist design.
The bottle is adorned with our States of Water for every state of your mind artwork. The perfect companion, made from high quality copolyester, durable and scratch resistant it lets you hydrate effortlessly.

The spout is just the right size for drinking comfortably. It is also designed for easy refilling and washing.
The lid opens with a single twist so you can drink smoothly and without hassle. Its handle makes it comfortable to hold, and convenient to carry around. Silicone parts are easy to remove and wash. Rounded inner bottom surface prevents residues from accumulating.

Kinto Japan has captivated the world with its elegant and thoughtful approach to everyday objects. Their designs are a harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication, making them a perfect partner for Paraphernalia’s anniversary celebration.