Vibes & Stuff is an occasional mixtape series of Paraphernalia Athens' in-store "soundtrack" including rare grooves, today's gems and timeless favorites with a genre-defying perspective, curated with love by Freon.

This month Onepointwo steps up and delivers Vibes & Stuff 04 [Breeze].

Onepointwo (aka Konstantinos Giazlas) aiming from Thessaloniki, Greece is always trying to emulate a musical journey into space, time, memories and frequencies. Influenced from the late 50s electronic experimental sounds, motorik krautrock bands, lush shoegaze melodies and modern electronica as well. Minimal arrangements, abstract and distorted shortwave radio signals, dystopian soundscapes all proceeded from both digital and analog sources with heavily affected percussive sounds. 2020-21 found with 3 album releases on the UK labels Miracle Pond, Woodford Halse, Were Foxma and Subexotic Records in various formats, live performances/dj sets and lots of positive reviews including Electronic Sound Magazine.

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Nightlands – No Kiss For The Lonely
La Femme – va
Aoife Nessa Frances – Way To Say Goodbye
Tame Impala – The Boat I row
Dian Ogon – Mellarnum
Wet Tuna – Sweet Chump Change
Meo – Chichita
Reuben Van Smith – Sun Sun
Yin Yin – Shenzhu v
Noriko Miyamoto – Arrow & Eyes
King Gizard & the lizard Wizard – Kepler 22b
Roland Langerstraat – I am ready for Dancing
Surprise Chef – Velodrome
Nu Genea – Bar Mediterraneo
Max Essa – The Great Adventure
Respuesta Alternative – Amigos
Arp – Le Palace
Clea Vincent – Jamais 2 Sans 3
Guess What – Lessons In Space
Anadol – Felicita Lale
Prins Thomas – Film 006
Workdub – Island Breeze
Jungle Ny Night – Axololt
Hotel Rubio – Homesick

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