We teamed up with Trabala Studio, a ceramic workshop created in 2017 by Jenny and Hercules in Athens, Greece. They design and make tableware and decorative items using high temperature stoneware clay (1260°C1280°C).
Combining traditional and modern techniques, they focus on creating unique oneoff items. We asked them to create a custom incense holder -for our amazing sticks- that reflect the aesthetic of Paraphernalia.

All holders are fired at a high temperature of 1260 °C making the clay compact and the product durable and strong. They all vary slightly in size, colour and pattern which makes them unique.

This delicate ceramic holder is perfect to burn your stick or cone incense but its double rim allows them  to also be used for palo santo and smudges.
The flecked stoneware clay outside gives a textured, earthy finish. Tactile pieces with shiny white glaze on top and raw finish on the underside. The wide base has been designed to catch the dusty residue of the incense, simply pour away and wipe clean after use.

Each one is stamped with Trabala Studio and Paraphernalia.